Iron Front XIxAWAR

Iron Front is a tactical shooter video game

It is set during World War II on the Eastern Front

It features German and Soviet Single-Player Campaigns

The Game was developed by X1 Software and AWAR on
Bohemia Interactive’s Real Virtuality engine

It was released on May 25th 2012 for Microsoft Windows


Iron Front: Liberation 1944 however
is set in Southern Poland during the Soviet Summer Offensive


The Single Player Campaign can be played from either;
the German or the Soviet perspective

The Soviet Campaign focuses on breaking through the enemy’s defenses

On the German side the Mission is to slow down the advance of the Soviet army

Campaigns start with infantry action, but later on the player gets to control
Tanks and Planes

These include (for example):
Panzerkampfwagen IV
Focke Wulf 190
Junkers Ju 87 Dive Bomber
Petlyakov PE-2

The Multiplayer side includes both Co-operative Missions
and Player vs. Player Missions

Missions such as Capture the Flag – Death-Match – Attack and Defense and Blitzkrieg

The Game also includes a comprehensive and extensive Mission Editor

The Mission Editor enables players to create their own Missions and share them online

Modding possibilities in Iron Front




Liberation 1944 is more restricted compared to its parent game ARMA 2


Addons and Mods must be released with the consent of developers as free/paid for DLC

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